Our mission

To provide need-based scholarships to graduating Gunn High School seniors to help them further their education and secure their future.

Our Model

Gunn Foundation scholarships are meant to bridge the gap on expenses — deposits for enrollment, housing deposits, computers to replace school issued Chromebooks, textbooks and online resources required for classes, supplies, transportation, and living expenses— that are often not covered by financial aid packages. Especially when these costs are due up front, a student from a family with limited disposable income may not be able to attend the school to which they have worked so hard to earn admission.

For many students, Gunn Foundation scholarships make all the difference.

Our History

Gunn Foundation was founded in 1968 by a small group of parent volunteers, who recognized the community value of making sure all students have the chance to attend college, regardless of their financial situation. In over 50 years of Gunn Foundation’s scholarship giving, over 600 students have benefited from the generosity of the Gunn community. Donors to the nonprofit include Gunn families, students, teachers, administrators, alumni, neighbors, and local business leaders.

Gunn Foundation focuses on students who will require additional financial support to continue their post-high school education. We believe all motivated Gunn graduates should have the opportunity to attend college, regardless of their financial circumstances.

“Gunn Foundation helped make college an option for me. The scholarship relieved stress in so many ways since college is a financial burden on my family. It also encouraged me to know I can find help when I need it. Gunn Foundation was there to get me started on my college career path.”

— Naomi, 2018 Gunn Foundation Scholar

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