“The Gunn Foundation scholarship allowed me to continue pursuing higher education and opened a path towards success.”

— Fatima, Gunn Class of 2018

Our mission

We provide need-based scholarships to graduating Gunn High School seniors to help them further their education and secure their future.

Our Model

Gunn Foundation scholarships are designed to target post-secondary education needs that are usually not met by aid packages. Because many college expenses such as tuition deposits, housing deposits, books and supplies, and transportation, must be paid for upfront or are not funded by financial aid packages, our model has a direct and immediate impact on securing a student’s college future.

Without additional support, many of our scholarship recipients might not have pursued the college opportunities they worked so hard to earn. For many students, Gunn Foundation scholarships make all the difference.

“The Gunn Foundation helped make college an option for me. The scholarship relieved stress in many ways since college can be a financial burden on the rest of my family. It also encouraged me to know I can find help when I need it. The Gunn Foundation was there to get me started on my college career path.”

— Naomi, Gunn Class of 2018

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