Application for Students

The Gunn Foundation Scholarship Application is managed on, a common app for scholarships. For more information about signing up for Going Merry and applying for a Gunn Foundation scholarship, see below.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2024

Please contact Leighton Lang in the Gunn College & Career Center if you have additional questions.

Scholarship Description:

Our scholarships provide funds for Gunn graduates entering their first year of college. The funds can be used to help with tuition, fees, books, technology needed for education, transportation, and other out-of-pocket costs.

The Gunn Foundation primarily considers financial eligibility but also reviews students’ academic achievements and noteworthy extracurricular activities such as paid or unpaid work, internships, community service, performing arts, athletics, and family responsibilities.

Who can apply:

We accept applications from Gunn students with adjusted gross family incomes up to the Santa Clara County median household income ($125,000). In rare circumstances, we may consider students whose family income slightly exceeds the cut-off. If you meet the criteria, you will be called to do an in-person interview with a member(s) of the Gunn Foundation Board.


Sample Documents:

Federal Tax Return

Schedule C

Schedule E

FAFSA Submission Summary displaying SAI (Student Aid Index) (Link to sample summary is pending)

Important dates and details for Class of 2024:

Due date to request scholarship funds for 2022-2023 school year or notify the Gunn Foundation of plans to defer for up to one year: Monday, December 2, 2024.

More information about, a common app for scholarships:

All students can now sign up for Going Merry to find and apply for scholarships, absolutely free. Going Merry has thousands of scholarships including national, regional, and even local Scholarships, including Gunn Foundation.

To sign up, go to

Once signed up, you will fill out a profile and start getting matched to scholarships that fit your background, academics, interests, etc. The profile information that you fill out is shared with scholarships you apply to, so you only have to fill your basic information out once. You complete the applications from within the Going Merry site. If you want to know more, watch a short video on how Going Merry works.

Please contact Leighton Lang in the school’s College & Career Center if you have additional questions.