How to receive scholarship funds:

Students may contact Gunn Foundation once they have received a letter from the us informing them that they are awardees of the scholarship. The scholarship funds are then available to them for college-related expenses starting immediately.

For college-related expenses that are to be incurred during the spring semester or over the summer (such as housing deposits, computer purchases, etc), a partial payment (up to 50% of your scholarship amount) may be requested. In order to process the payment, the following are needed:

  • The student’s current mailing address and

  • A copy of the college acceptance letter and

  • documentation regarding the expense that might be incurred

Please email the above to:

In the Fall, once the student has enrolled in college, in order to receive the remaining or full scholarship money, the following are needed:

  • The student’s current mailing address – either new or old (whichever is preferable for receiving mail) and

  • Any one of the following as proof of enrollment:

    1. a copy of the student’s class schedule with the student’s name on it or

    2. a letter of verification from the Office of the Registrar or

    3. a copy of the student’s Identification Card with a registration sticker showing the current year.

Please email the above to

Students who have been selected for scholarships from the DVB Foundation should send an email to for instructions on how to receive the award.

NOTE: If the student has decided to delay going to college by a year, Gunn Foundation must be informed as soon as possible. The due date to request scholarship funds for the 2023-2024 school year or to notify Gunn Foundation of plans to defer for up to one year is Friday, December 1, 2023. The award may be received up to a year later. The last date to collect the award is December 1, 2024. Thereafter, the award will be canceled.

General questions? Send an email to